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Democracy benefits all : Khursheed Shah

Opposition leader Khursheed Shah  said that country would bear the loss of confrontation between Army and Government saying  it democracy is beneficial to all. In prevailing circumstances Amy and government should be at same page.

While informal talking to media in Islamabad opposition leader NA Khursheed Shah said that  if anything  happened to democracy so country would bear irreparable loss adding that establishment should have given statement about the Government and Govt. also could not be responded of Army Press Release .

In addition Khursheed Shah making a point of criticism to Election Commission said that EC had completely failed to hold LG elections.  He stated that at night in Badin 22 polling station have changed. Khursheed further said that  Imran should install camp by going to quake-hit areas instead of his negative politics. He lamented that people still compelled for living under the open sky.

Furthermore opposition leader said i had 34 seats out of 37 saying it  i had nominated Aslam Sheikh for District Chairman, adding that if party not made him candidate so my son would be a candidate.