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Detective Pikachu Trailer 2: New Pokemons Spotted

TOKYO: There’s a new trailer for Detective Pikachu, and like those that have come before it, this one is full of Pokemon rendered in extremely realistic detail and they’re all incredibly strange and vaguely terrifying.

Pikachu might be cute and fuzzy, but there are others that are not so endearing–like the exceptionally gross Lickitung.

Nintendo Switch have finally been revealed, and they’re called Pokemon Sword and Shield. These two games represent the eighth generation of Pokemon games and were showcased during a brief Nintendo Direct that aired for Pokemon Day.

The reveal trailer showed the new Galar region, which appears to be inspired by England, the Gen 8 starters, your trainer, and a number of returning Pokemon.

You never know with a new Pokemon game what old Pokemon might make an appearance, so we’ve rounded up all the Pokemon from the trailer here.

Many of the Pokemon are from more recent games, including Sun and Moon, while a few are older; every previous Pokemon generation is represented here. Almost all of them were shown in battle.

It’s worth noting that the trailer appears to show the return of Pokemon’s traditional battle style in wild Pokemon encounters, as opposed to the Pokemon Go-inspired catching mechanics seen in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

We didn’t see Pokemon in the overworld, like in Let’s Go, or even following you around. You can catch up on what we know with our roundup of the key takeaways regarding Sword and Shield.

The new Detective Pikachu trailer drops amid ahead of a bunch of other Pokemon-related happenings, honoring Pokemon’s 23rd anniversary.

Today is the start of Pokemon Go’s Pokemon Day event, which stretches February 26-28, and will introduce shiny versions of Pidgey and Rattata to the game.

We’ve dug through the latest trailer to pick out all the new Pokemon hidden in Ryme City, and there are quite a few. Some are cute, some are weird, and some definitely seem like they’d be too dangerous to just let walk around your town.