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India Doesn’t Want Pak To Succeed Against Terrorism:DG

Rawalpindi (December 28, 2017): Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor said on Thursday that ceasfire violations by India at the Line of Control (LoC) were increased in 2017.

According to the details, Director General of Inter Services Public Relations Major General Asif Ghafoor has said that India wants to take focus off of the “effective political struggle for freedom” in the India-held Kashmir through making allegations against Pakistan.

While addressing a press conference, Maj Ghafoor said, “India recently claimed that 10 of their soldiers came in Pakistan’s territory and killed Pakistani soldiers. But this is all false propaganda for their domestic audience to take focus off the effective political struggle they are facing for Kashmir’s freedom.”

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“52 civilians were martyred and over 200 injured,” Major General Ghafoor said during a briefing to the press.

He added that India did not want Pakistan to succeed in the war against terrorism.

Warning India against such tactics, DG ISPR said, “You can not lure us into such unprofessional undertakings”

Moving on to the US’s claims regarding the presence of terrorist elements in Pakistan, Maj Ghafoor said, “No organised infrastructure of any banned organisation is present in Pakistan. We have fought twice an imposed and imported war in Pakistan and now we cannot do any more for anyone.”

DG ISPR said that Pakistan has deployed personnel along its border with Afghanistan with personnel presence approximately every 1.5-2 kilometres.

He added: “Whatever we are doing and we will do is solely for the people of Pakistan. The aid we received (from the US), was reimbursement for the support we gave to the coalition for its fight against Al Qaeda, had we not supported the US and Afghanistan, they would never have been able to defeat Al Qaeda.”“There are no facilitators in Pakistan and we have gone a long way to support peace in the region,” Major Ghafoor said, reiterating Pakistan’s stance on the US’s repetitive demand for the country to “do more”.

Maj General Ghafoor aded that the “US needs to check anti-Pakistan role not only from inside Afghanistan but along the line of control and working boundary.”

Discussing the measures taken by Pakistan against for the elimination of terrorist elements form the region, Ghafoor said, “We have started the construction of forts and posts on the Afghan border, for effective border management, what more does the US and Afghanistan want from us?”He added: “It is time that Afghanistan and the US do more for Pakistan.”

“No country is more interested in Afghan peace than us, as we know that peace there means peace in Pakistan,” the DG ISPR said while adding that the US needs to check India’s role in the Afghan region.

“No amount of coercion can work, it is only trust based cooperation that can bring enduring peace to the region,” he said

“What kind of friends are we that we are being given notices (by the US)?” he said adding that while the Pakistan army is works with its friends, it cannot compromise on its respect.

Going back to Indian claims of infiltration into Pakistan’s territory, Maj Ghafoor said, “We would like for it to be known to all adventure seekers that when it comes to the state of Pakistan, we are all one nation.”Talking about the army’s presence on the borders, DG ISPR said, “We have fought well on western borders despite the threats that linger on the eastern border, but danger has not subsided yet.”

He added: “On one hand, when we started action in Fata, trouble makers turned to Balochistan.”

“The army took the situation in Balochistan into account and the army chief presented the Khushal Balochistan programme on November 15,” he said while discussing the army’s development projects in the area while adding that the purpose of the programme is to provide resources to help speed up development, provide security, carry out action against terrorism, and cleanse the region of separatist elements.

The DG ISPR added: “As a result of the programme, over 2,000 Baloch nationalists have given up their arms.”Sharing terror incidents averted by intelligence agencies, the ISPR chief said 254 incidents were averted in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA, 177 in Balochistan, 28 in Sindh and 18 in Punjab.

Moreover, sharing statistics, the DG ISPR said the army implemented 768 development and public sector projects.

He added that 96 per cent of temporarily displaced persons have returned to their native areas in the tribal areas.

Army chief’s message: ‘United we rise’
Towards the end of the press conference, the army spokesperson shared a special message from Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa: As there is an established conglomeration of anti-Pakistan forces (state/non-state) attempting to destabilise and weaken Pakistan, we must continue to present a united front to defeat their nefarious designs.

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