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Dhaka Building Blaze Death Toll Jumps To 25

DHAKA: Death toll from a horrific fire that ripped through a 22-story high skyscraper on Friday rose to 25 while some are still fighting for their lives in hospital.

As per details, a fire was erupted in a 22-story commercial building a day earlier in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka which resulted in burning 25 people to death and injuring several others.

According to sources, the police have intentions to probe the matter from the building’s owner for a detailed inquiry.

The survivors were forced to slide on hanging cables to save their lives.

At least six people died in the attempt to slide from the skyscraper.

Earlier, the fire department officials were confirming the death of 19 people but the police, later on, confirmed the death of six more persons who succumbed to their burn injuries in the hospital.

It is pertinent to mention here that the fire incidents in Bangladesh’s multi-story buildings are often occurred due to the lack of safety standards.