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‘Did Not Buy Firecrackers For Diwali, Will Use Them When Necessary’

RAWALPINDI: Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Wednesday made it clear to all anti-Pakistan elements that the missiles arsenal Pakistan possesses is not just for show as the country will use them if the need be.

In a video message, Sheikh lashed out at Indian media. He stated that Pakistan will give an ‘overwhelming response’ if India even gives off any hint of attacking within our territory.

“We have not saved our firecrackers for Diwali. The response of every surgical strike and light musical rhyme will be reciprocated with a full classical song”, taunted the federal minister.

Sheikh also slammed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for enforcing savagery onto Muslims to excel in elections. He, further, stated that Modi gave a green signal to his army for war after witnessing his loss in five states of the country.

While reflecting his thoughts over Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the nation, Sheikh Rasheed said that Premier’s response clarified the difference between an educated and uneducated leadership.