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Difficult Time For Pakistan Has Passed: Jehangir Tareen

MULTAN: Central Leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Jehangir Tareen has said that previous
governments are responsible for present condition of cotton and agriculture.

Talking to media in the Cotton Research Center Multan, Jehangir Tareen said that if the previous had
taken measures for agriculture and cotton they would have been in a better shape now.

The PTI stalwart ensured that the incumbent government will give a good foundation regarding agriculture and cotton while he said that Pakistan debts are decreasing and economy is getting better.

He said that Chief Minister Punjab has to take decision regarding South Punjab province.

The PTI leader said that he had better relations with Shah Mahood Qureshi in past and still enjoys better relations with him now adding that we both wanted to make Multan as secretariat of South Punjab.

He said that a difficult and testing time has passed while coming tomorrow will be good for Pakistan.

Tareen said that Chairman of Kissan Ittehad is with us for consultation to see all the problems faced by farmers of the country.