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Disclosures from Mushahid Ullah are not related to facts: PM house

Federal Information Minister, Perveez Rasheed said that the matter regarding Mushahid’s interview, which was given to a foreign news channel, is far from the truth

He said that the matter of tape recording was totally falsehood, don’t know from where, Mushahid Ullah has listened that things, while spokesperson of Prime Minister house has declared the news related to the audio tape as groundless.

Whereas, Pervez Rasheed denied all the statements of Mushahid Ullah, adding that media should not highlight the matter.

He said that nothing was happened like that when he used to stay with PM Nawaz Sharif during sit-ins.

According to the sources, the tape doesn’t exist, while Tehreek-e-Insaaf has declared the explanation of Mushahid Ullah insufficient and demanded to have explanation from PM Nawaz Sharif.

However, Senator Mushahid ullah has departed to Maldive from a private airline.