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Do Power Holders have Right to Bankrupt Country, asks Justice Gulzar

ISLAMABAD: The senior judge of Supreme Court (SC), Justice Gulzar Ahmed on Wednesday said that we provided salaries and privileges for years to people who did not even work in the concerned department.

Justice Gulzar made these remarks while hearing a case regarding the promotion of Sub-inspector Qamar-ul-Islam. He said: “Such conducts have made us ask for financial assistance from other countries.”

“The country is getting bankrupt due to the Services Act 2010,” Justice Gulzar said and asked whether the power holders have the right to bankrupt the country.

“We are economically weak today,” said the apex court judge.

During the hearing, the court asked whether the sub-inspector was fired from the job, to which, the lawyer said Qamar was fired from the job in 2006 and re-appointed in 2010.

Justice Gulzar asked: “What you want now as your job has restored now?”

The petitioner’s lawyer told the court that his client was re-appointed on 14th grade while other members granted 17th grade.

After hearing the arguments, the court accepted the sub-inspector Qamar-ul-Islam’s plea and adjourned the hearing until December 25.