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Doctors Caution Against Excessive Meat Intake

Karachi (September 2, 2017): Doctors have advised people against immediate cooking and improper preservation of sacrificial animals’ meat during the Eid-ul-Azha to avoid infectious and fatal diseases among people, especially the patients with diabetes, liver, renal, kidney, cardiac, hepatitis and high blood pressure complications.

They have urged people to be moderate in eating meat of sacrificial animals on the Eid in order to stay healthy. Extra intake of the meat could cause indigestion, diarrhea, stomach pain, fever, etc. After a certain period of time, the over-eating stats showing its effects on blood pressure, arthritis, heart diseases, cancer, deficiency of calcium leading to osteoporosis, etc, besides causing obesity which depresses pancreas only to reduce formation of insulin in the body, and may cause diabetes.


They, however, also term the meat of sacrificial animals the purest as compared with mutton or beef available in markets throughout the year. It is full of nutrition, curing most of the diseases, if eaten in moderate quantity.

Dr Khalid Iqbal says people, particularly heart and hepatitis patients, should use the meat of sacrificial animals carefully, otherwise, it could prove harmful to them. He prohibits the people from cooking meat of sacrificial animals immediately after slaughtering them, saying it could cause infectious diseases, affecting lungs, stomach and cause high fever. He advises people to keep the meat at least for six hours in open air for its proper dehydration of blood and moisture before cooking or placing it in deep freezer.

He says the meat should be properly cooked, as half-baked meat could cause infectious diseases like fever, typhoid and stomach diseases. While barbecuing meat, he says, people should make it sure that meat is properly cooked as there is concentration of germs causing typhoid.

 “The overdose of meat can be dangerous for people with liver disorders as well as patients of hepatitis and jaundice,” Khalid says, adding extra intake of meat could increase blood circulation to stomach among cardiac patients, resulting in ischemic heart diseases. Diabetic patients should not consume the meat much its fats contain nine caloric/grams and the sugar level can shoot up,” he adds.

The doctor says people should be careful while defrosting frozen meat, which should be kept lukewarm at least for six hours and later keep it in microwave oven for 45 minutes to kill germs within the frosted meat.

Dr Rahat says the excessive use of salt and chilies’ could increase acidity in stomach and is dangerous for those having problems of regurgitation, ulcers in stomach and small intestines. The consumption of cola drinks with the spicy food could do more harm to the health of individuals, particularly carrying certain disease, she says.

The doctor cautions people against using fats attached with the meat as a replacement of the oil or ghee, terming it the most dangerous form of fats that may lead to hypertension, heart disease, angina and heart attack etc, if used for long.

Rahat says certain parts of the meat are rich in cholesterol like the ‘brain Masala’, and ‘Sire Paye’, and should be avoided by those having high cholesterol level. The excessive burning of meat during barbecue can also produce such chemicals as are dangerous for the health and contain potential carcinogens.

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