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Doctors, Paramedics Strike, Protest Continued In Punjab for Fifth Day

LAHORE: Grand Health Alliance strike in the major hospitals of Punjab has entered consecutive fifth day against MTI act.

As a protest, doctors have closed work in Outdoor Patients Departments, operation theatres, Pathology, Radiology and locked the departments as well.

Nishter hospital administration taking action against protesting73 doctors and paramedical staff has issued show-cause notices while doctors burnt all the notices.

Doctors chanted slogans outside Nishter Hospital against not fulfilling their demands and issuing show-cause notices against them.

Patients coming from far-flung areas have been facing immense difficulties while the patients expressing their difficulties said that they have been coming to hospitals for five days but not receiving any treatment which made them in a distress.

Doctors kept on their repeated demands said that they will not end their protest and strike until the fulfilment of their demands and withdrawing of the MTI act by the government.

On the other hand, doctors and paramedics protest and strike also continued in the whole of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and OPD’s of government hospitals are closed.