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Dog escapes execution, released after found innocent by DNA tests

Michigan: A dog named Jeb has escaped execution and is being released after spending weeks on death row when DNA tests found him innocent of killing another dog Vlad next door.

 in the  A Michigan dog who spent weeks on death row has returned home after cleared him in the death of Vlad, a dog next door.

Jeb, a Belgian Malinois breed, was released to his owner Kenneth Job yesterday. Hailing Jeb’s release an emotional Kenneth said that though his dog looks quite skinny he’s alive.

According to international media Jeb was seen standing over Vlad’s body August 24 this year in St. Clair Township close to Detroit city. Authorities said that Vlad’s injuries suggested he was picked up and rattled by an animal which was bigger than it.

Jeb was ordered euthanized by a court but the judge had agreed to DNA tests on Vlad’s body. The DNA tests proved that there was no DNA on Vlad’s body from Jeb.

Poor Jeb’s owner has agreed to install an adequate fence.