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US Dollar Down By Rs2 After PM Imran’s Timely Intervention

KARACHI: The US dollar down by Rs2 in the open market after the intervention of Prime Minister Imran Khan after reaching an all-time high of Rs 146 on Wednesday.

The US dollar closed at Rs144 in the open market.

A high-level meeting held this afternoon at Prime Minister House Prime Minister Imran Khan met an ECAP delegation led by Sheikh Allaudin, Malik Bostan, and Mr Sheikh Mureed Other meeting members were DG FIA, DG IB, Chairman FBR and Governor SBP.

The government made it crystal clear that it will take strict action against Exchange Companies Rate of currency agreed and if they deviate they would not be spared.

The president of exchange companies  Malik Bostan said he has assured the government not to devalue the Pakistani rupee against the US Dollar further.