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Donald Trump decides to make consultative organization for Muslims

Washington:The US President-Elect Donald Trump has announced to form consultative organization of Muslims while key political Muslims leaders will be included in the organization. The organization would work with the US government and the Muslims fears will be removed.

Impression exists regarding the US President-Elect that he is against the Muslim as he got popularity with his anti-Muslims statement while after he elected as the US President his preference for Muslims are surfacing gradually.

The organization will contact to four million Muslims residing in the US and for the purpose task has been given to Sajid Tarrar who is contacting to major Muslims belonging to various US states and taking all of them into confidence.

Whether white house ruled by  Republican or Democratic, neglecting Muslims are difficult. The US President-Elect decision to take Muslims into confidence and making them part of consultation  will ensure the US security and Muslims fears will also be removed and they will serve the country better than before.