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Dostum Unhurt, Four Bodyguards Killed As His Convoy Attacked By Taliban

KABUL: A convoy of the First Vice President Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum was ambushed by the Taliban “few times” on their way from Balkh to Jawzjan province in the north of Afghanistan on Saturday, Kanishka Turkistani, a close aide to Dostum, confirmed.

He said that Dostum was not hurt in the attacks.

According to sources, four bodyguards of the first vice president was killed and six others were wounded.

The Mazar-Sheberghan highway which connects the two provinces is 134 kilometers in length and needs two hours drive.

Dostum, who has joined Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah’s election team, returned to Balkh from an abroad trip on Saturday afternoon.

He appeared at a gathering in Balkh and said that he will “eliminate” the Taliban from the north within six months if he is given the chance.