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Dowoodi Bohra community celeberating Eid-ul-Azha today

Dawoodi Bohra community is celebrating Eid Ul Adha today with religious reverence . The main congregation of Eid Al Adha was held at Tahiri Mosque in Saddar where they also sacrificed animals in way of Allah following ritual of Hazratb Ibrahim (A.S).

Like other areas of the Country, the Bohra community is also celebrating Eid Ul Adha in Karachi, Eid congregation was held at Tahiri Mosque in Saddar.  A large number of the community attended the prayer.

The community also sacrificed sacrificial animals on following the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S).  The Eid congregations were held at various locations in the city where the community prayed for the prosperity  and development of the country as well as they also prayed for establishment of peace and security  in the country.  Strict security measures were taken at the occasion outside the Eid congregations venues.

Contingents of Sindh police and Rangers personnel  conducted their duties while bomb disposal squad carried out sweeping around the mosques.