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PML N’s Dr. Ramesh Kumar Announces To Join PTI

Islamabad (April 07, 2018): Dr. Ramesh Kumar, elected on Pakistan Muslim League ticket as Memeber National Assembly announced to join Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Saturday.

Holding a press conference along with Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Chief Imran Khan in Islamabad today, he said that he is joining Pakistan Tehreek Insaf for Pakistan.

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Expressing his grievences with Pakistan Muslim League, Dr. Ramesh Kumar vowed to serve masses along with PTI while forecasting that many other members of PMLN were also set to join Imran Khan-led PTI.

“I practiced politics to serve the masses. Even Chaudhry Nisar used to state that a person like him had no honour in the party. I respect judiciary and oppose use of such language against the courts”, asserted Kumar.

“I refused to be a part of the PML-N after the language and stance they adopted following the Panama Papers case,”the MNA said.

Claiming that he “always practised politics of principles” and raised his voice on issues of human rights, Kumar said, “I was one of the few to speak up against the incumbent government’s decision to privatise the Pakistan International Airline (PIA).”Kumar claimed that when PML-N leaders did not listen to him, he wrote columns in newspapers to get his point of view across.

Responding to a question, the MNA said, “I hope Chaudhry Nisar joins PTI too.”

Speaking on the occasion, PTI chairman Imran Khan said, “Quaid-e-Azam struggled and created Pakistan to protect minorities.”

“We will protect minorities by bringing in a rule of law,” he said.

The PTI chief added, “We will ensure and create equal opportunities for minorities.”

Commenting on Kumar’s inclusion, PTI chief Imran Khan welcomed him while vowing to protect minorities via all legal and moral means.“Equal rights should be granted to minorities”, asserted Khan.

On a question about 2013 elections, Khan apprised attendants that all parties, except PMLN, had raised objections on the [controversial] role of returning officers in the general elections 2013. “All parties agreed on the notion that rigging happened in 2013 elections. Returning officers had fixed match in collaboration with Election Commission of Pakistan”, said Khan while addings, “PTI will hold public gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore to show that nation stands behind judiciary. Everyone support new top brass of Supreme Court”.

He accused Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) of using money [to win votes] in Senate elections.

Khan once again hurled question at Nawaz Sharif about means through which wealth had been acquired while stating that Sharif family only submitted Qatari letter [in their defence]. “Their [read Sharif family] lies were exposed before Panamagate Joint Investigation Team. The only aim of Sharif family is to save their Rs300 bn by denigrating state-institutions”, claimed Khan.D

Dr. Ramesh Kumar was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan as a candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (N) on a seat reserved for minorities in the Pakistani general election, 2013.

Ramesh is also patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hindu Council.Dr. Ramesh kumar vankwani Birth, Education, Parents, Relatives, Political Party, Career, Constituency, Contact, Facebook and Twitter.Recently on March 14, the PML N Member Punjab Assembly Raza Nasrullah Ghuman joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) after meeting with party chairman Imran Khan.

Several of Ghuman’s supporters also joined the party, PTI said on its social media.

During his meeting with PTI Chairman Irman Khan Nasrullah Ghuman expressed full confidence in Imran’s leadership and PTI’s manifesto.

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Nasrullah Ghuman was angry from his leadership over the issue of amendment in Khatm-e-Nabuwat clause, however after government’s refusal to not expose the prime character who made the amendment he has resigned from party.

Talking on the occasion, Imran Khan said that Pakistan and its political system being faced unusual challenges and there was need to redress them.Including Ghuman, PML-N has lost four lawmakers to PTI over 20 days.

On March 07, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz MNA Raza Hayat Hiraj had joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. 

Hiraj met with PTI chief Imran Khan at party leader Jahangir Tareen’s residence in Islamabad, the PTI said.

Dr Nisar Jatt from Faisalabad met with the PTI chairman on March 2 and joined the party.

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PTI Chairman appreciated the joining and said that it will be proved in future that Jatt made the right decision, detaching himself from ‘a mafia’.

Before that, on February 27, MNA Mian Tariq Mahmood and MPA Mian Mazhar from Gujranwala left PML-N to join PTI.

Last year saw a series of political switchings, with a number of political workers and lawmakers joining Imran Khan-led PTI.

To name a few, Pakistan People’s Party Nazar Gondal, Firdous Ashiq Awan, Babar Awan joined the PTI last year.

In May 2017, former president Asif Ali Zardari’s close aide also switched to the PTI, whereas, former chief minister Sindh Liaquat Jatoi left the PML-N to join Imran’s party.

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