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Drama Writer, Novelist Dr Enver Sajjad Passes Away  

WEB DESK: The renowned Drama writer, Novelist and actor Dr Enver Sajjad dies after a long illness on Thursday at the age of 84.

He left behind a wife and a daughter in mourning.

Dr Enver Sajjad was born on May 27, 1935, in Lahore and got the MBBS degree from King Edward Medical College and later gained DTM and H from London, however, he chose Literature as his profession.

His first novel Rug Sung was published in 1955. Dr Sajjad’s famous writing includes Istaary, Ajj, Pehli Kahani, Churaha, Khushion Kay Bagh, Zard Kanwal, Nigar Khana, Sabaa and Samandar, Janam Roop and others.   The first ever-commissioned play to be telecast in the subcontinent in November 1964 was written by Enver Sajjad. He was bestowed with Pride of Performance in 1989 for his valuable work in literature. And he got the ECO award of Excellence 2004 in history and culture His screenplay are so deftly written that a prolific writer like Ashfaq Ahmed once confessed that he learned to write a screenplay from Enver Sajjad.