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Dream of Change in Govt Never to Be Materialized: Syed Samsam Bukhari

LAHORE: Punjab provincial minister for information Syed Samsam Bukhari has said that those who have dreamed of a change of governments at the center and in Punjab could not be fulfilled adding that Nawaz Sharif has awarded punishment.

In his statement, Punjab information minister Syed Smasam Bukhari said that Musharraf and Ishaq Dar had not been awarded sentence at the time when they left the country while Nawaz Sharif got punishment adding that if (Nawaz) left the country then questions will be raised.

Syed Samsam Bukhari said that his treatment is not a matter of concern but his departure to London is adding that the government will accept court decision and all opposition should also do the same.

He said that everyone has to work for the success of the government adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team are heading forward with good intentions.