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Drilling Process Near Karachi Coast Enters Final Stage: Ali Zaidi

KARACHI: Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Ali Zaidi on Wednesday claimed that the drilling process for the discovery of oil and gas near Karachi coast has entered in the final stage. 

“Drilling process not completed yet near Karachi coast,” he said, adding the drilling would continue till the depth of 5000 meters and the results would be clear in next few days.

The federal minister said the drilling has been started again after testing the pressure.

Earlier, it was revealed that the wearisome drilling process finally completed after the big gap and now the analysts are working to get the quick estimate of the real quantity of oil and gas in the reserves.

The joint venture comprises of ENI has completed the process with the cost of 14 billion and it deepened to 5470 meters in the sea. The drilling site is located 280 Km from Karachi coast.