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Drizzling Continues In Various Regions Across Country

ISLAMABAD: Different parts of Pakistan are experiencing downpours excluding Balochistan and Sindh where the hotness has continued to remain the same.

According to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), seasonal low lies over north Balochistan.

Met Office said that moist currents are reaching northeastern parts of the country and likely to strengthen in coming days.

For weather forecast of Monday, PMD predicted mainly hot and humid weather in most parts of the country.

However, dust-thundershower/rain (with few heavy falls) accompanied by gusty winds is expected at scattered places in Islamabad, upper Punjab (Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore, Sargodha, Faisalabad divisions) and Kashmir.

Dust-thundershower/rain with gusty winds is expected at isolated places in Hazara, Peshawar, Mardan, Kohat, Zhob, D.G.Khan divisions during evening/night.