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Drizzling Predicted In Karachi Today

Karachi: Meteorological department has predicted drizzling in Karachi today as well while it is likely that mercury will shot up to 38 centigrades.

Narrating about the weather situation, Director meteorological department Sardar Sarfaraz said that there is no chance of heavy rains in Karachi today, however, scorching of heat could be intensified adding that mercury will linger between 36 to 38 degrees centigrades in the afternoon.

The met department further said that air is traveling at a speed of 17 km from North-east to east.

On the other hand, wheater streets or roads in the metropolis, are showing the face of ponds and drains after three days of rain.

The rainwater are still on the roads and streets as the drainage system has been clogged due to drainage lines that could not be cleaned before the monsoon season. People are facing immense difficulties in this condition.