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Drop Scene Of Opposition Parties Drama Is Near: Fayyaz Chohan

Lahore: Information Minister Punjab Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan has said that in the dictionary of Sharif and Zardari family meaning of press, judiciary and independence of politics are nothing but blindly follow their orders.

The Minister blasting on the leadership of opposition alliance Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) said that the opposition are busy in country to provide entertainment to the masses.

Fayyaz Chohan said it will be appropriate that the missing persons with which Nawaz Sharif expressed his sympathy should include his name in the list adding that Nawaz Sharif has been missing for 10 months with his family, trillions dollars of his loot and plunder and 100 of suitcases.

He said that Nawaz Sharif who entered in the politics with thief gates has now become contractor of the democracy.

The Minister said that the landlords of Sindh see every other ruler of the country land mafia adding that the drop scene of the opposition parties drama is near.

He said that no patriotic Pakistani politicians can talk of independence of Balochistan adding that Pakistan is known around the world and in the Islamic world as a credible country due to statesmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the best diplomacy of the country.