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Dunyapur, Hafizabad, Mankira: 44 arrested during search Op

Dunyapur, Hafizabad, Mankira (May 5, 2017): At least 44 suspects were arrested during search operation conducted by Law Enforcement Agencies and police in various areas of Dunyapur, Hafizabad, and Mankira.

According to details 5 suspects were arrested in Dunyapur during an operation conducted jointly by police, Elite Force, sensitive agencies within the limits of Saddar police station in Dunyapur. A pistol was recovered from one of the arrested suspect. According to DPO Asad Sarfraz over 25 houses were searched while details of 47 people were verified by through biometric during the operation.


Dunyapur, Mankira: 44 suspects arrested during search operation

Meanwhile, 16 suspects, including 2 proclaimed robbers, drug peddlers, those with police records, were arrested during combing and targeted operation in various areas all across the Hafizabad district. Arms and narcotics were recovered from the arrested suspects.

Search Operation in Mankira & Lodhran, 41 suspects arrested

According to details, 23 suspects were arrested during search operation conducted by police in various areas of police station Sarai Muhajir. Thirty houses were also searched during the search operation. Narcotics was recovered from the possession of one arrested suspect.

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