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Earthquake jolts in Afghanistan, India with 7.5 magnitude, 100 killed

More than 100 people have been killed, while 300 injured due to earthquake of 7.5 magnitude in Afghanistan and India, while the center of earthquake was Afghan Province Badakhshan.

According to Health Ministry of Afghanistan one hundred people have been killed, while 300 injured in Kabul due to earthquake, while hundreds of buildings have been damaged. More than 11 people have been killed, 250 injured and more than 200 houses have been damaged in Badakhshan and other provinces. Afghan officials said that the center of earthquake was Jurm District of Badakhshan province. Afghanistan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has ordered for the relief of earthquake victims.

Meanwhile, 7.5 magnitude earthquake shocks in Indian States Hariana, Chandi Garh and Punjab did not cause any loss, but people have come out of their houses and offices in fear.