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EC declares irregularities in PTI party funds are bailable

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has rejected the stance of Pakistan Tehreek-i Insaaf (PTI), while ECP has jurisdiction of hearing against  embezzlement case in PTI party funds.However, EC has saved the decision and would be given after the hearing today.

The full-bench headed by Chief Election Commissioner, Sardar Raza Khan has saved the decision on the last hearing against the embezzlement case in PTI party funds, it was said in the decision that funds issues of any part are bailable in EC, while EC has authority that to investigate the allegations regarding embezzlement in part funds. However, the EC would hear the case on November 10.

Whereas, Akbar S. Babar said that former governor of Punjab and PTI leader, Chaudhry Sarwar have accepted the challenge lawsuit in US court, while a case of illegal funding of PTI would be filed in US court.

However,  Secretary Finance of PTI, Sardar Azhar said that his party was leveled with a case of illegal funding, which is baseless, as it was to take revenge through propaganda. Meanwhile, PTI leagal team would give response on November 10, after reviewing the decision.