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Economic Conditions Compel Govt To Take Toughest Decision: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: A huddle was held in chair of Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss financial matters of the country wherein Advisor on Finance and his economic team briefed national assembly and senators of the ruling PTI and its allied parties over the IMF program and amnesty scheme.

The ruling PTI and its allied MNA’s and senators asked the government economic team about effects of the IMF program on the life of the common man of the country.

While giving the briefing on the IMF program, the team informed that the government is increasing the amount of the Benazir Income Support program from Rs 100 billion to Rs 180 billion while a subsidy of Rs 200 billion will be given on gas and electricity prices adding that increase in gas and electricity prices will not affect 75 percent of the population.

Sources said that the MNAs and senators asked a lot of questions during the Advisor Finance briefing regarding increasing inflation while one of member said that inflation is already touching skies with that poor people will be suppressed further with new taxes.

Prime Minister at the occasion said that the government has empathy for the poor masses adding that the government will try not to burden poor masses with new taxes adding that subsidy will be quashed on white elephants institutions.

The PM stressed the participants that” trust of you all on the government is needed at the moment.”He said that the government cognizes of inflation but the government is taking difficult decision while the toughest decision proved to be fruitful in the future.