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Economic Experts Hopeful of A Better Budget

Web Desk (April 27, 2018): Economic experts on Friday hoped that improvement in tax system and facilitation for manufacturing industry in the upcoming budget would help in strengthening the economy of the country.

It is pertinent to mention here that the PML-N government will present its sixth consecutive Federal Budget for the next financial year in National Assembly today, Friday, with an estimated outlay of over 550 trillion rupees.

The National Assembly has been summoned to meet today for presentation of the federal budget.The budget will lend focus on improving economic growth, maintaining fiscal discipline, boosting exports besides providing relief to the masses and promoting investment for job creation.

The government would also introduce measures for bringing improvement in the system of tax collection, broadening the tax base, and facilitation to tax payers.The economic experts while giving their opinion on the upcoming budget said that the government had to evolve the tax system and make it more friendly for masses along with special facilities for manufacturing industry for improving trade balance of the country.

The citizens also demanded the government to more focus on education overhaul in the budget rather than the development projects as the country could have better chances of progress if its people would be educated.

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