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Economic Sanctions By US Are Terrorism, Iranian President

New York(September 26, 2018): Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday slammed U.S. sanctions saying they amounted to “economic terrorism” and “economic war” while speaking at the UN General Assembly. 

“Unlawful unilateral sanctions in themselves constitute a form of economic terrorism and a breach of the ‘Right to Development,’ ” Rouhani said. “The economic war that the United States has initiated under the rubric of new sanctions not only targets the Iranian people but also entails harmful repercussions for the people of other countries, and that war has caused a disruption in the state of global trade.”President Trump, who took aim at Iran in an earlier speech to the assembly Tuesday, reestablished the sanctions on Iran after he pulled the U.S. after the nuclear pact it reached with Iran and five other world powers under President Obama in 2015. The sanctions will be put back in place in early November.

“I state here, in clear, unambiguous terms, that the United States policy vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic of Iran has been wrong from the beginning, and its approach of resisting the wishes of the Iranian people as manifested in numerous elections is doomed to failure,” Rouhani added.

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