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ECP Outlines Voting Method For General Elections 2018

Islamabad (July 23, 2018): The Election Commission of Pakistan has outlined the voting method for the General Election 2018 — to be held on July 25 across the country.

According to the electoral body, the ballot paper for National Assembly will be green, while white paper will be used for provincial Assemblies.

In the first stage of the polling process, the officer will check the voter’s national identity card. Following this, voter’s name will be checked in the voting list.

The polling agent will then call out the voter’s name and serial number. After the voter’s name is crossed out on the list, their thumb impression will be taken on counter files. The voter’s thumb will be marked with permanent ink.After the assistant presiding officer signs on the back of the ballot paper for the national and provincial assemblies, the voter will be issued the polling paper.

The voter will then move behind the voting screen to stamp on the candidates of their choice. The national assembly paper will then be inserted into the box with the green lid. A box with a white lid will be used to insert the ballot paper for the provincial assembly.

The polling process will start at 8am on July 25 and end at 6pm on the same day.Doors of the polling station will be closed after the voting time ends, however, any voters inside the polling station will still be allowed to cast their votes.

Earlier on last Friday, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) informed that 85,307 polling stations in all the four provinces, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and the Federal Capital will be set up to facilitate voters and to ensure better turnout on the polling day.

According to the ECP, total 23,3585 male, 21,679 female, 40,236 combined and 156 improvised polling stations would be established across the country.The notification said that 47,813 polling stations would be set up in Punjab, 17,747 in Sindh, 12,634 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 4,420 in Balochistan, 797 in the Federal Capital and 1,896 in FATA.

The official further added some 360 male, 360 female and 77 combined polling stations would be established in the Federal Capital, 13,351 male, 12,716 female and 21,746 combined ones in Punjab, and 467 male, 359 female and 1,070 combined ones in FATA.Likewise, 1,252 male, 1073 female, 2,052 combined and 43 improvised polling stations would be set up in Balochistan, 4,128 male, 3,600 female and 4,906 combined ones in KP, and 3,866 male, 3,599 female and 10,288 combined ones in Sindh.

Earlier, the ECP had declared 17,007 polling stations as highly sensitive.As many as 5,878 of the polling stations declared as highly sensitive were from Sindh province, 5,487 from Punjab and Islamabad, 3,874 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA, and 1,768 from Balochistan.

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