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ECP Raises Question Over Interim Ministers’ Statements

Islamabad (August 16, 2018): The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) swiftly responding over the statement of few caretaker ministers statements, in which they expressed their dissatisfaction over the transparency of election 2018, and said that interim setup was responsible to cooperate in the transparency of polls as entire world can testimony the fairness of the election 2018.

In his statement, spokesperson ECP said that commission has held a transparent and fair election and if any discrepancy was found by the caretaker ministers they had to point out.

He raised the question, “Where were these ministers when the election was being held,” adding their onus was full support ECP for the dispensation of the fair election.Earlier, the Election Commission of Pakistan said that if anyone was not satisfied with the election results, the procedure is defined in the country’s Law to file a complaint.

President Mamnoon Hussain in his recent speech raised questions over the transparency of election 2018.

ECP spokesperson said in a statement that better decision can be taken by using the law and evidence and if someone feels that rigging was done during the election, they can file their petitions in election commission and election tribunals to satisfy themselves.

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Earlier, addressing the main event of Independence Day at the Convention Center in the federal capital, the president said that the people of the country exercised their right to vote on July 25. There is a message hidden in Independence Day and general elections, he added.

“This day reminds us that the fate of the country is to be decided through the ballot,” Mr Hussain said.  He called on the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to ensure that voters’ decision is not undermined.

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