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Successful Candidates’ Notification On August 9

Islamabad (August 05, 2018): The Election Commission of Pakistan will issue notification of all successful candidates on August 09 (Thursday).

Yesterday was last day for the successful candidates to submit the declarations of incurred expenses on their electoral campaign to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

According to details, returning officers have finalized the Form 49, which tabulates consolidated results including postal ballots.

According to a statement released by ECP, it will issue official notifications of all successful candidates in General Election 2018 by August 9. However, those candidates who fails to share their expense declarations on time, their notification will be withheld.After the successful conditions are notified, independent candidates will have three days to join a party. The strength of all political parties in the national and provincial assemblies will be determined by August 7.

ECP will issue notifications of successful candidates from reserved seats.

Assembly sessions will be called after the electoral body will have notified all successful candidates.

Candidates will elect the speaker of the House along with the PM, after taking oath in the National Assembly.

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