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Elections To be Held on Time, CJP Reiterates

Islamabad (April 05, 2018): Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar on Thursday once again reiterated that the general elections would be held on time.

Addressing a seminar regarding Asma Jahangir, the chief justice said that there is no way for the elections to be delayed as per the constitution of Pakistan.

Rejecting the idea of judicial martial law, he said that it is a hypothetical idea and unless he is there at his position, no one could bypass the constitution.

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“There is no room for martial law in the country. If I am unable to stop it I will go home. I will not endorse it” the chief justice said will addressing an event at the Supreme Court Bar Association.

The chief justice also spoke about reports of a judicial martial law. “Why would we be putting our self into any judicial martial law or judicial takeover? This rumour is being spread by a design or plan.”

“If I will not be able to halt such step from anyone then I pack up and go home,” he said adding that those spreading the idea of judicial martial law are spreading confusion among minds.

He said that such propaganda is being made through a design or plan. “There will be democracy and supremacy of constitution in the country, “he vowed.

The chief justice added that the time had passed where they would tolerate such shame, adding that there would only be democracy in the country and they would not allow the constitution to be violated.

“It is my promise to the nation that if we are unable to do this than I don’t deserve to be the chief justice, I’ll be leaving the job.”

The country’s top judge also assured that there was no margin in the constitution to allow for a delay in the general elections. “Thankfully we have a Constitution that states everything,” he asserted.

“If you think elections cannot be postponed because there is no margin to do so in the Constitution then they would not be delayed, but if you think there are chances then this could happen.”

However, the chief justice added that parts of the Constitution that he has read do not allow elections to be postponed.

“Apart from the Constitution, there is faith that the public of Pakistan has entrusted upon me, which I will not breach,” Chief Justice Nisar said while talking about elections being conducted on time.

The CJP said he did not deem it right to speak much on these topics as the event he was addressing was held in honour of the services of human rights activist and noted lawyer Asma Jahangir, who passed away earlier this year.

Speaking about Asma Jahangir, the CJP said she had great leadership qualities and above all was a great humanitarian.

Recalling the days when they worked together, Chief Justice Nisar said Jahangir would volunteer to take up cases of women who could not afford lawyers, before he would assign them to anyone.

“She always had the courage and passion to work for the poor and down-trodden people of the society,” the CJP said. “Don’t have much words to express her personality.”

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