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Electoral Reforms: 10pc women voters in every constituency made mandatory: Zahid Hamid

ISLAMABAD: Federal cabinet on Tuesday approved proposed electoral reforms which envisage compilation of election results at polling stations and mandatory 10 percent votes of women in every constituency for valid election.

Briefing media after the federal cabinet meeting, Law Minister Zahid Hamid said that the decision to increase constituencies would be taken after census.

He added that as per the reforms, election results would be compiled at the polling stations.  Under the proposed reforms, the Election Commission of Pakistan would be empowered financially and administratively.

He added that to ensure fairness and transparency, the Commission would be required to prepare a comprehensive action plan for polls six months ahead of elections. A formal complaint system would be introduced to lodge complaints about malpractices before elections and their redressal.

He added that special formula would be worked out for printing of ballot papers, adding that the staff participating in the election process would be required to take oath.

He added that for valid election turnout of at least 10 percent female voters would be necessary. The minister said that CCTV cameras would be installed to monitor sensitive polling stations.