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Electricity Shortfall Increases To 6, 465 MW Across The Country

Islamabad: Electricity short fall across the country reached 6,465 MW.

According to power division sources said that the overall production in the coutnry is 22, 259 MW while the country has a demand of 28, 724 MW.

As per the statistics, 5,150 MW is being generated from hydro-electric, the government thermal plants are producing 1,761 MW while overall generation of electricity from private power houses are 12, 285 MW.

Wind power plants are generating 1, 148 MW and generation from solar power plants are 500 MW while plants running from Bagas are generating 178 MW while 1, 238 MW is being generated from atomic energy.

As many as load shedding of 14 hours is being conducted in whole country. Load shedding of six hours duration is also being conducted in Islamabad region.

The duration of load shedding is more where losses of electricity are more.