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Employees protests against Privatization of PIA

Employees protesting against privatization of Pakistan International Airline has stopped boarding of flights at Islamabad airport and detained flights arriving from Karachi for an hour. Opposition Khursheed Shah along with Syed Naveed Qamar were present in the flight.

Employees across the country are protesting against the privatization of PIA, protesters stopped boarding of flight Pk- 369 and Manchester departure flight pk-701 due to which passengers had to wait for several hours. Protesters also detained flight  Pk-368 arriving from Karachi which was carrying opposition leader Khursheed Shah along with other members of Parliament who had to reach National assembly to attend a summit.

On the other hand, PIA officials assured to convey concerns of employees to government and said that CPA has promised that they would not stop flight operation. However we are trying to negotiate with them hopefully all issues will be settled soon.