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Enemies propaganda on Bisham attack exposed, facts surfaces

Rawalpindi: The elements of enemy of Pakistan and its opponents don’t like the Pakistan development and prosperity, hence, the anti-Pakistan propagandists are on the verge of hollowing the roots of the Pakistan.

Recently five Chinese engineers were killed in a cowardice attack after which as usual anti-Pakistan elements started spreading hopelessness on the social media and they claimed that China has shut down work on the dam.

On the other hand, Chinese officials said that the news regarding sacking of Pakistani laborers from dam projects are not correct.

However, despite tragic death of five Chinese engineers China has re-started work on Tarbela Dam extension project.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry in its statement reiterated its resolve to continue high standard development work joining with the Pakistan.

A Chinese construction company has rubbished all Indian media reports and claims in which it was hurled that Pakistani laborers were laid off from a hydro power plant and civil works after the Bisham attack.

Along with this the Chinese embassy and consulate all together strongly condemned the terrorist attack.

A spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Lan Jian said that Pakistan and China have a resolve and capacity to make terrorists answerable on their acts and said that any attempt to harm Pakistan China cooperation will be in vain.

The spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry also reiterated its point of view on the terrorism. “Terrorism is joint enemy of all the human beings and its collective responsibility of the international community to tackle the menace of the terrorism and stop repetition of this act.

It is China’s reflection of unwavering resolve to promote Pakistan basic structure development and economic cooperation by restarting work on the Tarbela Dam extension project despite difficulties.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif utilizing all the resources of the state ordered joint investigation of the Bahsam terrorist attack.

Chairing the hurriedly high level meeting, the PM praised the law enforcement agencies and local people over their immediate response the terrorist incident.

As per the PM office press release federal ministers, Army Chief, Chief Ministers, chief securities personnel and respective IGs of the provinces were in attendance.

The spokesman of Foreign office Mumtaz Zehra Baloch said that we joining together will conduct action with vow against such activities and powers and defeat them.

She expressed resolve of Islamabad to join Beijing working on to ensure security of Chinese engineers, projects and institutions in the country.

This way the statements issued by Chinese officials and Chinese companies restart of work at Dasu and work on the extension of the Tarbela Dam all are slap on the enemy of the country and their defeat who for a few days ago were busy doing their false politics.