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Energy Crisis Turns Serious As Electricity Short Fall Reaches 4, 743 MW

Karachi: The energy crisis in the country is going to be serious as 8 to 12 hours load shedding is being carried out in various city of the country.

The power division sources said that the electricity short fall in the country reached 4, 743 MWwhile overall production of electricity in the country is 20, 757 MW while demand has climbed to 25, 200 MW.

The country has an overall capacity of electricity production of 36, 039 MW. Sources said as many as 5, 037 MW electricity is being produced from hydro electric.

The government thermal power plants are giving 821 MW electricity, whereas private power houses have electricity production of 11, 717 MW

The wind power plants are producing 535 MW of electricity.

Bakas power plant is generating 162 MW of electricity while nuclear power plants are generating 2,372 MW electricity while solar power plants are generating 114 MW electricity.

It is feared that short fall will increase owing to uptick in intensity of weather.