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Students Set 6 Buses on Fire After Classmate Crushed to Death

Faisalabad (September 22, 2017): Enraged college students set six buses on fire after a rashly-driven bust crushed their fellow students.

Students of Government Islamia College in Faisalabad took to roads and set six buses on fire after a fellow student was crushed to death by a speeding bus.

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The slain student was identified as Haider.  Enraged students protested their colleague’s death by first setting on fire the bus involved in the accident.

Later they also torched five other buses.

The crowd refused to let members of the rescue and fire brigade pass through and douse the fire, prompting police officials in anti-riot gear to reach the site and disperse the crowd.

The crowd was contained by police personnel and several students were taken into custody, after which rescue workers were able to control the fire.

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