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Erdogan, Putin Warn of Further Tension Over US Jerusalem Move

Ankara (December 12, 2017): Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin warned on Monday that Donald Trump´s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel risks escalating tension in an already tense region.

“Both Russia and Turkey believe that the decision, does not help regulating the situation in the Middle East but instead destabilizes the already complicated atmosphere,” Putin said during a press conference in Ankara.“It can derail the Israel-Palestine peace process,” he warned after his meeting with Erdogan following lightning visits to Syria and Egypt earlier on Monday.

Erdogan said that he and Putin had taken a similar approach on the issue as he accused Israel of continuing to “add fuel to the flames”.“Israel is using this as an opportunity to further increase the pressure and violence against Palestinians,” he added.


Putin earlier in Cairo stressed the importance of “the immediate resumption of Palestinian-Israeli talks over all disputed issues, including the status of Jerusalem”.

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