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Erie Family Builds Lamborghini Using Three-D Printer  

WEB DESK: These days 3D printing has advanced so far, it’s even being used to make a custom heart valve, so why not a supercar, like a Lamborghini? An Erie family now hopes they’ll be the first in the country to build a Lamborghini using this technology.

“What we would do is jump into a Lamborghini Aventador and drive it around,” Xander Backus said.

Backus isn’t old enough to drive yet — he’s 11 — but he and his dad have driven the Aventador numerous times in an Xbox game.

“One day I said to him, hey can we build one of those?” Backus recalled.

Xander’s dad, Sterling Backus accepted the challenge. He happens to be a physicist whose line of work involves a lot of lasers, but that hasn’t really given him much of an advantage when it comes to building a car.

“These were all individually printed and then glued together,” Sterling Backus pointed to a newly printed panel.

Members of the family, including Xander’s sisters, then helped wrap the plastic panels in carbon fiber and poured epoxy over it.  They’ve also helped to install other parts of the frame. It’s now been about 20 months since Xander first asked his dad to build his dream car, but the finish line is within sight. It could be finished by next spring.