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Euro Cup: France, Italy, Spain qualify for Pre-Quarter Final

The Host team France, Defence Champion Spain and Italy qualified for pre-quarter final after two League rounds in  Euro Cup Football have been completed, while Albania, Turkey and Ukraine are out of Final 16 race.

Two rounds of group matches in Euro Cup Football Tournament have been completed. France in Group A has qualified for next phase followed by two victories and six points. Switzerland got second and Romani got third ranking after securing four and one points respectively.

England is on top with four points in Group B, Wales and Slovakia with three points and Russia got one point.

Germany took lead with four points in Group B. Poland and Northern Ireland have secured three points each. Ukraine got no point. Spain, with two victories and six points, qualified for next phase in Group D. Croatia with four points will have to at least draw match against Spain, while Czech Republic secured one and Turkey failed to secure any point.

Italy qualified for next phase in Group E after winning two matches. Belgium has three points and Ireland has one point each. Belgium need to play a draw match against Sweden, while Ireland need victory over Italy.

Hungry has four points, Iceland and Portuguese secured two points each, Austria secured one point in group F. Portuguese can take lead after defeating Group Leader Hungry. Austria and Iceland match winning team will qualify for pre-quarter final.