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Extremely Hot Weather Expected in Coming Months

Karachi(March 31, 2018): The Met Office Saturday forecast that extremely hot and dry weather will prevail across the country during the month of Ramazan this year.

DG Met Ghulam Rasool said that temperature is likely to remain higher than normal during the months of May and June. In Sindh, a several-year record of hot weather was broken in March, he added.The DG MET said the country is likely to receive less rainfall in April and May. “The demand for water would increase due to hot weather, however, the beginning of monsoon in the last week of June would decrease drought-like conditions.”

He went on to say that Mangla and Tarbela dams currently have a dead water-level, adding, “The dams would receive water upon melting of ice and glaciers in April and May respectively.”

However, the water coming from the melting of glaciers would not fulfill all the needs, the official added.

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