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Facebook Introduces Digital Literacy Library

Web Desk(August 04, 2018): Facebook has announced to introduce Digital Literacy Library to assist young people in building their skills for using technology safely. The social networking giant made this announcement on Friday.

Antigone Davis—the Global Head of Safety at Facebook in a blog post wrote that Facebook is introducing the Digital Literacy Library—which is a bunch of lessons to assist the youth to think critically and share considerately online.

He added that there are more than eight hundred and thirty million people online across the world, and this library would be a resource for educators who are finding ways to address digital literacy and assist the young people in building the skills they require for enjoying safe use of digital technology. The lessons and videos are made in collaboration with the Youth and Media team at the Berkman Klein Centre at Harvard University for the Internet and Society for the educators of young people aged between eleven to eighteen years. The lessons could be accessed and downloaded for free.

The lessons are divided into themes like privacy and reputation, security, safety, identity exploration and well-being. The lessons reflect upon the voices of the youth belonging to the various socioeconomic backgrounds, geographies, ethnicities and education levels. Karuna Nian—the Global Safety Programmers Manager at Facebook said that the lessons work well on their own, in after school-programmes or at home and could be changed to incorporates the educators’ own ideas and experiences.

Presently, eighteen lessons are in English language and Facebook intends to introduce three more in additional forty-five languages in some time.

The lessons would be found on Facebook’s Safety Centre as well as could be found on Berkman Klein’s Digital Literacy Resource Platform.b

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