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Faiz Ahmed Faiz birthday being observed today

The 106th birth anniversary of renowned poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz is being observed today in the country.

Faiz, born in 1911 in Sialkot, was a renowned intellectual, revolutionary poet and one of the most influential write of Urdu language.

Faiz was the first Asian poet to receive the Lenin Peace Prize awarded by the Soviet Union in 1962. In 1976, he was awarded the Lotus Prize for Literature.

Faiz also wrote poetry in the Punjabi language. A notable member of the Progressive Writers’ Movement (PWM), Faiz was an avowed Marxist.

Faiz work remains influential in Pakistan literature and arts. Faiz’s literary work was posthumously publicly honoured when the Pakistan Government conferred upon him the nation’s highest civil award, Nishan-e-Imtiaz, in 1990.