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Fake Accounts: Dead Men Becomes Billionaire

Karachi(October 15, 2018): After a series of mysterious deposits in bank accounts of several unsuspecting individuals across the country, yet another transaction worth billions of rupees was detected in fake bank accounts of a man from Karachi on Monday.

Except for this time, the man in question had died years ago.

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Iqbal Aaraiyn, who passed away on May 9, 2014, had three bank accounts mysteriously opened under his name after his death. A total of Rs4.6 billion worth of transactions were found to have been conducted through these fake accounts, sources familiar with the matter said.

A number of deposits such as this have surfaced in recent days, as the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) continues its probe in a high-profile money laundering case involving fictitious ‘benami’ bank accounts.

The agency earlier this month traced a trade account of a student from Larkana with millions of rupees, a week after it found Rs2 billion in a food vendor’s bank account. An unsuspecting man from Hyderabad recently woke up an overnight millionaire when he found Rs49,954,432 listed on his ATM slip.

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