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Fans of Michael Jackson celebrating his 58th birthday today

Lovers and fans of pop King Michael Jackson is celebrating his 58th birthday today and his every song that he sang still as fresh as first day.

The pop king still alive in the hearts of the people from his songs and still people to dance after listening to his songs.

Michael Jackson stepped in to the music world in just age of five years and after that he never saw back.

“Of the wall” was the first music album Michael released then came “thriller ” and it stirred the blood around the world in the music industry and he reached to pinnacle of popularity that no one had ever reached to such height before him.

After release of  “thriller” it looks that he has become King and after that every song he sang got popular.  Michael fans list spread around the world, who dance of his song till date like before.

The great , legendary, pop king who defeated many singers died on 25th June 2009 after death defeated him and left the world.