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Far-right Politician Compels Muslim Women to wear off Hijab in France

PARIS: The stand taken by the far-right parliamentarian during a school trip to the regional council drew criticism and condemnation from rights groups.

A school trip aimed at discovering the workings of a democratic assembly has caused controversy in France as a far-right French politician sought to target and publically humiliate a Muslim mother accompanying her children, demanding that she take her hijab off.

The Regional Council of Burgundy-Franche-Comté in Dijon was having a public plenary session when Julien Odoul, a far-right politician representing the National Rally party, said: “In the name of our republican and secular principles, I asked Marie-Guite Dufay [President of the regional council] to have the Islamic veil removed from a school counsellor present in the Chamber.”

A video posted online by Odoul himself has garnered almost four million views and shows the Muslim mother holding her son, who starts to cry.