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FATF Initially Expresses Satisfaction Over Pakistan’s Measures

PARIS: The vital meeting between Pakistan and Financial Action Task Force (FATF) are under process in Paris as FATF initially expressed the satisfaction over the measures taken by Pakistan to overcome money laundering and terrorism.

The minister for Economic affairs Hamad Azhar is heading the Pakistani delegation.

According to the finance ministry sources, FATF has reviewed Pakistan’s new national risk assessment and showed satisfaction steps taken by the government of Pakistan, however, the meeting will further contemplate Pakistan’s step to implement action plan contents for further two days.

Pakistan has sent a 150-page report after completing the risk assessment study which included 12 pages of steps taken against the financial aid to terrorism and terrorism risk while it also apprised the action taken against the banned organizations.

Sources said if FATF would satisfied with the measures taken by Pakistan than it will starts procedure to enlists Pakistan from Grey List.

Pakistan needs the support of 12 members to out Grey List.