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Fawad Claims Country Is In Take Off Position Right Now

Islamabad (October 30, 2018): Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said that the country is in take off position right now after far reaching measures by the government’s economic team.

Addressing newsmen outside parliament house on Tuesday, he said PTI government inherited a huge backlog of foreign loans however, we have been able to recover from the economic crises and financial crunch due to better management of state affairs by the prime minster and his team.

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While defending transfer of Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IG), federal minister for information and broadcasting Fawad Ch on Tuesday stated it is unacceptable for the incumbent govt that bureaucracy runs state-affairs.

He made these remarks following reinstatement of Jan Mohammad as Islamabad IG in the light of Supreme Court of Pakistan’s (SC) verdict.

“Shehryar Khan Afridi [interior minister] had also lodged complain against Islamabad IG Jan Mohammad to the premier that IGP had failed to take action against the widespread use of drugs in the capital’s schools and varsities. Not IG, Prime Minister (PM) is the chief executive of the Pakistan”, Fawad was quoted as saying.

“What is point of holding general elections if premier can’t even suspend an IG”, stated the minister while adding, “There will be no democracy in the country if IGs, DSPs and SPs don’t pay heed to the orders of PM and ministers”.Fawad made it overtly clear that PM and ministers will exercise their powers bestowed on them by the Constitution. Fawad regretted that a narrative was being promulgated that bureaucrats would become heroes if they disobeyed govt’s order.

While confessing existence of issues, Fawad added that the powerful bureaucracy is not implementing govt’s orders.

Taking exception to the transfer of capital city police chief, the apex court suspended transfer of Islamabad IG.

“Is this the Naya [new] Pakistan you people are building”, remarked Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar.

He said Prime Minister’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia and his upcoming visit to China would help Pakistan overcome all the economic woes left by the previous regime.The minister said Prime Minister’s three day visit to China from Friday would help open a new chapter of bilateral cooperation between the two friendly countries and bringing economic stability at home.

He said Pakistan Stock Exchange has performed extremely well over the last week showing 1450 points surge in its index due to positive economic indicators.

The Information Minister said these indicators would also help attract foreign and local investment in different sectors, generating fresh economic activities and creating jobs for our youth.

Touching upon the recently launched Pakistan Citizen’s Portal, the information minister said it has evinced a great public response and about one hundred thousand complaints have so far been registered with the portal.

He said the relevant authorities would begin responding to these complaints by next Sunday.To a question, Fawad Chaudhry said that the opposition parties are playing the All Parties Conference card just to seek NRO. He however made it clear that the accountability process will continue without any discrimination and no one will be allowed to get away with his corruption.

To another question, the minister said the government opposes opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif’s appointment as Chairman Public Accounts Committee as he is facing corruption charges and is in custody of National Accountability Bureau for interrogation in the Ashiana Housing scam.

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