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Chohan Receives Backlash Over Criticism on Sharifs

Lahore (December 06, 2018): The information minister Punjab Fayyazul Hassan on Thursday faced an embarrassing situation, when he criticized Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif during his address to youth parliament as youth chanted slogans against him.

According to details, some of the youths started slogans, shame, shame on the provincial information minister, when he was addressing to youth parliament in Town Hall of Lahore.

During the speech, he started a strong diatribe on Sharif brothers, in reply some of the youths started slogans, shame, shame, on which he become angry and grilled the Sharif family with further strong attacks.

The youths slogans put flames in fire and he took the Sharif family with more strong criticism and said that those who do injustice and dishonesty must be held accountable and hue and crying will not help them.

Earlier, talking to media outside Punjab Assembly, Provincial Minister for Information and Culture Fayaz-ul-Hassan Chohan on Thursday said that PML-N workers,led by Hamza Shehbaz,once again resorted to hooliganism outside the accountability court.He said that in past PML-N showed same behaviour in the Punjab Assembly where it created rumpus by hooting at Punjab Assembly’s Speaker and breaking furniture etc.

The minister said,”We strongly condemn what has been demonstrated outside accountability court today”.

Fayaz-ul-Hassan Chohan said the Supreme Court had given order for formation of a new Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on model town incident.

He said that the Sharif’s were afraid of JIT, adding that new JIT would hold neutral investigation.

He said that PML-N through a policy of clash wanted to get one or two of its workers injured so that they could politicise the matter to their advantage.

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